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Eugene Burger Management is an Accredited Management Organization

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An Accredited Management Organization (AMO), Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) has held the AMO accreditation continuously since 1969. The designation was earned and conveyed by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). IREM is a global force of 20,000 individuals. They are united to advance the profession of real estate management. Regarding the AMO designation, there exist only 537 such accredited firms around the world.

The AMO designation is the highest standard in achievement available to those firms who are engaged in professional real estate management. The Accredited Management Organization (AMO) accreditation is the only recognition of excellence given to real estate Management Company’s. To qualify for the designation EBMC must be continuously led by a Certified Property Manager (CPM). In addition, the Corporation must own and/or manage a specific size portfolio. Furthermore, Eugene Burger Management must meet stringent insurance and bonding requirements, and also be of the highest professional and ethical standards.

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Eugene Burger Management Corporation Has Deep Experience In Affordable Housing

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Managing affordable housing requires special skill and experience.  Eugene Burger Management has been managing affordable, government-subsidized housing for persons with low income since 1969.  Since that time, Eugene Burger Management has participated in the management of over 250 properties subsidized and/or insured by HUD or other agencies, such as USDA Rural Development.  EBMC has and continues to work with HUD, USDA, California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA), and several other local and regional housing authorities across the western United States in the management of low-income housing of every residential type including; cooperatives, senior, family, garden-style, high rise, urban, suburban and rural and for all types of ownership; individual, limited partnerships, non-profit organizations, government agencies and lenders.

Eugene Burger Management provides a full range of financial, management, leasing and administrative services to the affordable housing sector. Eugene Burger Management understands the importance of maintaining proper regulatory compliance with Housing and Urban Development (HUD), USDA Rural Development, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) regulations and other regulatory agencies. For this reason EBMC keeps an experienced Compliance Coordinator on staff to monitor and assist with compliance issues.

EBMC is recognized for its property management achievements. This is accomplished by several means: a list of management objectives that would be completed within given time frames; monthly reports on key indicators of performance for each property; detailed listing of action items for properties with physical improvement needs, and monthly comprehensive accounting reports, including detailed budget comparisons.


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