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Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) Has Wide-Ranging HOA Experience

Eugene Burger Management is a leader and innovator of association management practices and procedures in California and Nevada. They manage roughly 325 associations having an estimated 20,000 units situated throughout California and Nevada. Since their inception, they have managed cooperatives, planned unit, condominium and homeowner’s associations in these States. They offer a thorough array of services, including management, financial services, consulting, and expert witness. On top of that, they offer full financial accounting services.

Eugene Burger Management handles everything from handling everyday service requests, to assisting an association with a multi-million dollar renovation project. They provide Association Management to large and small HOAs to multimillion-dollar residences. Every employee of EBMC is a product of the company’s intensive, multilevel program training. This ensures that clients’ expectations are met and potential problems are dealt with before they become issues. Their client base comprises commercial condominiums, smaller communities, large master planned developments, and high rises.